One Small Step, One Giant Leap!!

So my battle continues in trying to find some semblance of an amp or modeler that will give me the guitar tone that has eluded me for the past 15 years or so. I had just about put the last nail in the coffin for the notion that a modeler could actually do the job. Then as I was well on my way to saving enough money to buy a 30w Soldano head, I had a weak moment one night after stumbling across a demo video showcasing the Kemper Profiler. It seemed like a fool-proof option, with its near endless number of profiles available on line, accessible with a click of a mouse. Surely there would be a couple of sounds available that I would fall in love with. 

Well I’m 3 weeks in and…..success!! I’ve actually been able to create a tone from an existing profile that I like, even almost love. The best part of my small victory is that I created the tone without having to plug 5 or 6 pedals in the front of the Kemper to make it sound less digital. The tone is standalone, just me and the Kemper. I’m now venturing down the unbeaten trail of trying to discover…wait for it…a second tone that I like/love.  I’ll keep you posted. Thank you Kemper!!